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Shapers, Vest and Butt Lifters are Final Sale. Please see Size chart and FAQ if you have questions about your size.


Waist training, also known as waist cinching, is a gradual process of waist reduction using a latex
waist cincher or corset.

How do I choose my size?

Waist cinchers will help you achieve a small waist & defined curve. However we cannot tell you which cincher will suit you best. 

Some things to consider when choosing your from the waist size chart:

1.  Waist cinchers run small; we strongly recommend you order according to the size chart. If you fall in between sizes order one size up.  For the tightest cinch (at your own risk) order based on your fitted shirt size.

2.  Do not order based on the size you would like to be. It will not fit. No matter how hard you pull.

      Remember it is made out of 2 layers of Latex.

3.  Measure yourself at your natural waist or even with your belly button which ever is largest.

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What can we recommend?

The short gym is recommended to first time waist trainers, it is the most comfortable shaper offered. It is ideal for daily wear and/or exercising.

The latex long fit is an aggressive waist cincher it is recommended for users that have excess stomach fat like a muffing top and lower abdomen pouch. It is also used for abdominal recovery after birth and surgery.

What can I expect?

The key factor in YOUR TRAINING is YOU! The best results are achieved with combining a healthy diet, drink lots of water and regular exercise with a good waist cincher. You will feel great the first time you put it on. It does take time to get use to wearing the cincher. Start wearing your cincher a little at a time, (ie. 1 hour, 2 hour, to the gym), until you get up to 6-8 hours. Remember go at your own pace. Your body will tell you when you have worn it long enough. Waist training requires dedication and devotion, it is not something that will just happen by occasionally wearing your waist cincher and it will take time. The more you wear your cincher, the better effect it will have. Waist reduction and reshaping requires discipline.  

What if I need more coverage than the waist cincher provides?

Latex vest is recommended for users that want to target the back and stomach. The Black or Nude Vest will help you exercise in comfort. It has full back coverage, while targeting your lower and upper stomach areas.

How do I Order?

Please take the time to review the size chart, choose your items and pay. If you have any questions please call customer service, before you check out. We cannot stress this enough. Please use the size chart to choose the correct size for you. Once you select a size, that's the size that will be shipped. How do I choose a size? has some recommendations.

We are open by Appointment only. Each time slot is set aside for measurements and fitting of your garment. Each fitting takes between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the number of garments you try.

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